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Vietnam By Michael Krynski and Rodney Dickson

 Brooklyn - Galer’a Galou is pleased to present "Vietnam By Michael Krynski and Rodney Dickson," an original and rarely seen depiction of present day Vietnam from the viewpoint of two artists from Poland and Ireland. The exhibition opens on May 1st, 2004 and will be open through May 23 at Galer’a Galou, 237 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Gallery hours are Friday to Sunday, from 1 pm to 6  pm, and by appointment. A reception for the artists will be held on May 15, from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Attracted by the Vietnam War, its turbulent recent past and subsequent social, economical, and political recovery, both artists have developed a compelling body of work that juxtaposes the "historical" versus the "present" Vietnam. Having studied and exhibited in post-war Vietnam and experienced it as - literally - foreigners, Krynski and Dickson portray the country through an ample imagery, from the disturbing reality of the American War to the irony of propaganda.

Krynski explores the tension between Communist propaganda and Commercial propaganda through a series of light boxes holding urban vistas of present Vietnam loaded with a "tourist snapshot" quality. The images rotate inside the box emulating the mechanics and functionality of advertising devices. As with his previous mixed media work, Krynski assemblages are infused with nostalgia and symbolism, and exude a surrealistic, poetic, approach.

Dickson presents his project titled "Nothing Is More Precious Than Freedom And Independence," a series of large propaganda paintings executed between 2003 and 2004. He approaches the issue in a subtle way, showing that there are two sides to every story and that propaganda is nothing more than a one sided and convenient version of the truth. He does this by using Vietnamese, Anti US Propaganda, from the war period, as "a comparison to the kind of Bush propaganda that we hear in US these days".

 "An example of this comparison is Ho Chi Minh's famous phrase 'Nothing is more precious than liberty and independence'. In Ho's case though, his liberty was achieved by kicking out America from his country, however, his statement sounds very 'American' and a lot like the kind of thing Bush talks about," the artist says.

Dickson paints portraits of Vietnamese women that were used by the Communists during the US war with Vietnam as propaganda, and commonly known in Vietnam at that time as ÎHero Women American Killersâ. He copies large scale painted propaganda posters that were displayed throughout Vietnam during the war.

Also on view are black and white original photographs taken during the American War in Vietnam and in many cases used as propaganda by the Viet Cong. These images complement the exhibition by showing the savagery of war.

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