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Uli Brahmst

Nancy Saleme

May 31 – June 15, 2008

Brooklyn, April 27, 2008 – Galería Galou is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a two-person exhibit.  Salon des Femmes features the works of Uli Brahmst and Nancy Saleme; the artists will take possession of the gallery space by creating installations that will convey personal views of female identity.

The exhibition, which opens in Galería Galou on May 31st , 2008 with a reception for the artists from 6pm to 10pm, will be on view through June 15th.  Galería Galou is located at 237 Kent Avenue, between North 1st and Grand Streets, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm, and by appointment.

Brahmst’s and Saleme’s works interconnect at many levels. They both share a distinctively feminine visual vocabulary in their search for a balance between delicacy and power. The two artists experiment with elements of mystery, intimacy and playfulness.

Uli Bramhst will create an interactive piece where she invites the visitor to take part in the larger creative flow, presented in the form of a river that spreads throughout the gallery.

Saleme’s works combines text and image. She engages in an ongoing investigation of freedom and confinement, communication and misunderstanding, the fragment and the whole, that transcends the boundaries of fashion and taste.” Michael Wilson.

About Galería Galou
Galería Galou is an alternative art space created in 2003 with the primary purpose of supporting emergent artists locally and internationally.  Galeria Galou exalts multiculturalism and diverse media of the work exhibited at and by the artists represented by Galeria Galou. The Gallery is also an unconventional art space that unfolds to the public in a variety of forms.