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Alfredo Ramírez

The exhibition opens on Saturday, March 12th, at 5 pm.

Brooklyn (New York), February 23, 2005 - Galería Galou is proud to present the first solo exhibition in the United States of Venezuelan artist Alfredo Ramírez, from March 12th to April 17, 2005

This exhibition presents a series of Ramirez's most recent geometric abstraction drawings.

Alfredo Ramirez has explored abstraction in the realm of contemporary art for the last 10 years. The graphite on paper drawings exhibited at Gallery Galou are the result of more than 3 years of work on the simplification of corporal forms, by exploring a variety of media that has traveled across the border from technology and the scientific exploration of the body, to painting, sculpture and now drawing.

The artist has compared these works in the past to dissected skins, fixed to a flat surface, which have initially developed from a three-dimensional topological pattern. Thus, the corporal aspect of these flattened abstract forms is perceptible and enhanced by the artist expressive use of media. While abstract and figurative are intentionally combined to support one another, both elements in Ramirez works are visibly opposed, and in constant dynamic change. Foliage, animal and human forms are mathematically organized and organically composed to achieve balance, while subtly distressing the composition.

In addition to the work of Ramirez, and as part of The Armory Show Weekend, Galería Galou will take part on March 12th, of "After Hours", an event organized by the Williamsburg Gallery Association, during which galleries in the neighborhood remain open until 11pm. A selection of works by artists from Galería Galou will be in display.

After Hours (WGA) @ Galou. Armory Show Weekend