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The First Principle of All Things

Brooklyn, NY - Galería Galou is pleased to present "The First Principle of All Things," a two-person exhibition featuring works by Alejandra Munizaga and Yucef Merhi. The show opens on June 5 and will be on view through June 27,2004 at Galería Galou, 237 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Gallery hours are Friday to Sunday, from 1 pm to 6 pm, and by appointment.  A reception for the artists will be held on June 10, from 6 pm to 10 pm.


Water and light are elements in constant change. Fluid and transitory, they cannot be grasped. The interplay between them is the source of inspiration for Alejandra Munizaga. The artist will show a new group of paintings that depict patterns of light on the ocean floor by applying thin layers of paint over each other to create an effect of transparency. She allows the white of the canvas or paper to appear through color in the way light pierces through water. The works are monochromatic to convey a sense of stillness. "In a world filled with conflict and uncertainty, I find refuge in the simple phenomena of nature", says the artist.

Yucef Merhi presents Micrologos (2001), Poetic Words (2002), and Pbox (2004), a group of works that examine the definition of poetry from a contemporary and innovative approach, using new technologies and enabling the viewers to participate in the narrative construction. The works take part of the ancient discussion about words and man, putting on view the role of the artist-poet-programmer, as well as the unlimited potential of written poetry.

Micrologos is a sculptural installation consisting of 3 microscope slides within 3 stylish videoscopes (microscopes with screens.) Each videoscope projects a microscopic poem, written by Merhi, juxtaposed over blood and body tissues of the artist. In the same way, Poetic Words takes advantage of the electronic media and move towards poetry inviting people to participate in discovering the content. Finally, fixed in a wall of the gallery, there is an installation made with 10 transparent Plexiglas boxes containing very small printed poems, written by the artist, and shown through a built-in magnifying glass placed on the top of each box.


Yucef Merhi was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1977, and lives and works in New York City. Solo exhibitions include „Mission Taliban,š ARC, NY, and „Wizart,š Seven Degrees, California. He has shown extensively in the US, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey, and has been curator of „Vidéo Femmesš at The Americas Society; the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design of Costa Rica; and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles (MOCA LA), L.A. Freewaves.

Alejandra Munizaga was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1968, and lives and works in New York City. Solo "Invisible Places", at Gabriela Mistral Gallery, Santiago, Chile. Selected group exhibitions includes "Artists in the Marketplace", 21st Annual Exhibition, Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY, and "Exhibition 2000", Juried by Dan Cameron, New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, NJ, „Project of A Boundaryš at the Latin Collector Art Center, New York City.