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Indestructible Delicacy
April 23th through May 29th, 2005

The exhibition opens on Saturday, April 23th, from 6 to 8pm

The Gallery’s next exhibition, "Indestructible Delicacy", running from April 23rd through May 29th, 2005, will feature the work of Tracy Heneberger (NY, USA), Kay Gordon (NY, USA), Carolina Sardi (MI, Argentina), and Daniel Fiorda (MI, Argentina). The exhibition consists in four different sculptured installations resembling organic, cosmological and natural worlds. The vision of these four artists departs from an observation of Nature from its essences to its grandiosity, and then expressed into art sculptures and installed inside the gallery rooms to create an interaction among them.

Daniel Fiorda. Microcosmos series, 2001-on-going. Inspired by the Sphere form, Daniel Fiorda creates these intricate sculptures as metaphor of cosmos order, where a center is essential and from which emerge, evolve and grow screws, springs, wires, and all kind of industrial materials. His installation consists in create an environment with these pieces and where public could experience a vision of unity and multiplicity. Fiorda visions a natural world order at all levels of stages in life. This common rhythm that is intuited by the artist, evolves from abstraction to a visual form. Daniel Fiorda was born in Argentina, currently lives and work in Miami.

Carolina Sardi. Using metal as medium, Carolina finds a way to express a more feminine and personal subject of community, space and motherhood. These abstract round forms chase to depict an environment through a reunion of individual small pieces which are screw on a wall with a 3” of separation from the surface. This way, the whole installation creates a shadow on the wall, allowing a double visual discourse. Carolina was born in Buenos Aires, currently lives and work in Miami.

Tracy Heneberger, Transforms the most mundane and familiar objects-including nails, hinges, steel rings, and copper rods – into quixotic abstractions. Using the confines of a tightly controlled geometry, he builds obsessive multiples from small –scale industrial materials, archiving a dynamic tension between the effort of the hand and the ease of mass-production. His recent forays into the alluring and sensual world of candy add new layers of metaphor and meaning to his lyrical musings. Tracy Heneberger was born in New London, Connecticut, currently lives and in Brooklyn.

Kay Gordon, Fundamental themes in my work are the balance of chaos and order, and the dependency of one object’s juxtaposition to the next to reveal its form. I combine a love of materials with a passion for drawing by using the materials (paper, glass, wax, thread) and light and shadow, to draw in space.