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Opening Reception
Friday, April 9th from 6-9pm

Marta Gibbs, Nelson Garrido, Nela Ochoa, Hermann Mejia, and Aurelio Torres.

Sunday, April 11th from 4-6pm

"Clear and Present Danger" features the work of five artists dealing with the theme of war, fear and violence through painting and photography. Although the expression “Clear and Present Danger” has come to mean “Obvious and Imminent Threat” the original meaning was somewhat different. The term first appeared during the first World War. The “Clear and Present Danger” test was used to prosecute and jail anti-war activists during the war. The present exhibition ponders about who is the threat? Our enemies, our government, ourselves? It is often said that the first casualty of war is truth. The danger may be present but the issues are far from clear.
These artists attempt to show the truth of war and fear as they perceive it.
The two situations that are being addressed in this show are the war on Iraq interpreted by the American artists and that relates directly with the public where the gallery is located (New York City) and the violence in Venezuela, that is exposed by artists from that country, due to the abuses and human rights violations of the government leaded by current President Hugo Chavez. This issue, unlike the war on Iraq, has not had prominent media coverage in the States and the constant government lobbying contaminates the sources of information.
To go further in to this silent terrible situation a Forum will be held at 4:00 PM at the gallery on April 11, the date when the supposed coup d’état happen 2 years ago. Artists and experts from civilians organization will come together to discuss their perspectives show some videos and to expose some personal experiences and anecdotes suffered recently. The organizations participating are: Recivex,, SAVE Venezuela and



Aurelio Torres, from Uruguayan parents he was born in East Hampton, NY. Aurelio is a classically trained painter who distills the aesthetic laws of Antiquity - of proportion dictated by the Golden Section. His travels through Europe, the U.S. and Mexico and residence in New York City from a young age are evidenced in his artwork. Torres has exhibited in Buenos Aires and New York, and his artwork is in numerous private collections in South America, Europe, and the United States. Using earthy oil tones he deals with images of a desert where helicopters and tanks are the protagonists.

Marta Gibbs,– Fort Smith, AR. Originally from Houston, Marta first studied music and later pursued visual arts, receiving her MFA from the University of Arkansas in oil painting. Her works often focus on the human form, women’s rights and the ravages of war. She paints and teaches in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. She will show paintings based of photos of the War on Iraq.

Born in Caracas in 1952, Nelson Garrido received the Venezuelan National Prize of Visual Arts in 1991, being the first photographer to win that distinction. Between 1966 and 1967 he worked at Carlos Cruz Diez’s atelier in Paris, where he learned photography and from then on he has consolidated a body of work dealing with violence as a constant theme combing it with religion, sex, and popular imaginary. To express his view about the situation in Venezuela he will show a series of images where blood is a constant element.

Nela Ochoa, works and lives in Caracas, Venezuela. She is considered one the pioneers of Video-art in Venezuela, currently she continues working with “new languages” in conceptual pieces that have being exhibited in the international arena in shows like ARCO (Spain), Art Miami, and spaces like the New Museum NY, among others. For more than 5 years she has being working with art about Genetics, so she will show a piece that displays the genetic formula of a gene related with fear.

  Hermann Mejía, based in Brooklyn, NY but originally from Caracas, Venezuela, studied illustration at the Caracas‚s Design Institute. He has participated in exhibitions in Caracas and New York such as the recent group show L-factor at Exit Art. Since 1996, he has being working for Mad Magazine, and the grotesque element and sense of humor present in his caricatures also translates to his personal artwork (painting, collage and drawings). For „Clear and Present Dangerš he will show a painting inspired by his recent personal experience with the military police during the February-27 protests in Caracas.