Galería Galou
239 North 5th Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Tel: 718-486-3730 Cel: 917-407-2029

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Galería Galou is an alternative art space created in 2003
with the primary purpose of supporting emergent artists
locally and internationally.

Galeria Galou exalts multiculturalism and diverse media
of the work exhibited at and by the artists represented by
Galeria Galou.

The gallery is also an unconventional art space that unfolds to
the public in a variety of forms – from a conventional gallery space,
to participations in art fairs, showrooms, sponsoring of artists in residency,
active roll in cultural projects, cyber space, etc – for the sake of freedom of
the art form and its concept.


Patricia Cazorla

Galería Galou is part of the Williamsburg Gallery Association